Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More book development

Hey everyone! So after several weeks of writing and thumbnailing my book, I'm finally at the stage I've been looking forward to the most - designing the characters and defining a visual style.
This is still very early stages, but I wanted to share what I'm up to and keep you guys in the loop.
Put two characters together and slapped a rough background behind them for a little mood.
Any comments or crits are, as always, more than welcome!


Mauricio said...

Wow, congrats on making progress. From one fellow bookmaker to the next, I applaud your efforts and wish you lots of time, cause that's what you'll really need. It's hard to give a crit without knowing more context, but I can say this looks cool so far. I've never been one to like giving crits on people's blogs, even when they ask for them, but I also applaud your bravery in opening yourself up to the loving internet's critical arms :)

BambinoMonkey said...

Hey George! Great work on this! Love the colours. The only points that ill focus is: be careful with the legs of the monster ( too tiny, a bit difficult to see at first sight) and the head of the guy ( i would move up the shape of the dark orange, so we could see more easy the shape of the head of the guy ) ;D

Justin Rodrigues said...

I really like it man! I dig the color style you're going for.

George Bletsis said...

Mauricio - Yeah I'm already finding that it takes much longer than I would have expected, feels like so many things you have to sort out - and I haven't even started on the final art yet!
Glad you like the look of it so far, despite the lack of context :)

Bambinomonkey - Thanks for the crits! I'll definitely be mindful of the creature's legs, I've definitely gone too skinny here. You're right about moving the orange up, the background was thrown together really quickly to give a sense of place to the character designs and it shows!

Justin - Awesome, I was a little nervous at first going with a non-conventional style for this comic.

Dune said...

Congrats! You're doing a very good job! I love the colors!