Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Brave Story

Already some replies about winning the painting on Sunday! You're all awesome ;) In the meantime here's some art - totally different to what I've been doing lately. Simple lines and colours are really fun and challenging in their own way, but I just got the urge to render the hell out of something. I Recently read 'Brave Story' - really enjoyed it, and thought it would make an amazing film. Here's my take on how one of the main characters would look, hope you like it!


Ericka said...

At first glimpse I thought this was a picture of an action figure O_O Looks soooo 3D. I like it. And I want the painting! So sign me up, I already follow you. Even if it's not there my google reader says otherwise! Do I need to officially follow you on blogger too?

George Bletsis said...

I really tried to push the 3D-ness, so I'm super happy I fooled you :D I see you on my follower list, so I'll put your name into the hat ;)

Lee Stevenson said...

Hi George. I stumbled across your blog recently (and boy was it a good stumble!) I love your work, not only for it's technical merit, but also it's variety. This is something I rarely see with other artists and I think that's a shame. This piece in particular is excellent and it's inspired me to find out about the book!

Whats your working situation, are you professional?
p.s it's great to see your from the U.K (we need more of this talent)

George Bletsis said...

Hi Lee, glad you stumbled over here! I like to mix it up a little, you learn different things from different mediums - plus I have a short attention span ;) I'm freelancing at the moment, searching for a permanent position in a studio somewhere..