Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hornbill Pilot

Hello! Sufficient time has passed since my last foray into pencil rendering for me to want to have another go at it. Much easier this time around, and I'm putting it down to using cheap printer paper! The printer paper was so smooth, that it was really easy to keep control of the forms in my drawing - shame it feels so flimsy and disposable. I need to find a paper that's good quality, but also ultra smooth.
Hope you guys like it :)


Ovad Benishu said...

i just wanted to drop by, follow and tell you that you really talented and awesome artist, love your stuff! keep creating :)


Monstertree said...

Hey Ovad, thanks for the kind words and following this blog! Your work always catches my eye over at sketchoholic ;)

nityanshu said...