Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Another Sketchoholic entry, the theme is 'Nightmares'. I decided to draw the nightmare I had the most when I was a kid - catching a giant fish while I was stuck in a tiny dinghy. Hope you like it ;)


phatsteve said...

love your work.
especially the water colours.
your compositions are great.

i'm still learning what makes a good composition.

anyways, keep up the awesome work.

Ericka said...

Oh man, that's a horrible nightmare. Can't say the same about the picture though! I like very much the treatment you gave to the water :)

And hey long time no see, George! Hope you are doing good!

Jez Tuya said...

the stuff of nightmares! *haha*
Have you seen them giant catfish the size of two people in Vietnam?? http://bit.ly/10t9Dr

(and thanks for dropping by my blog btw. Your work is AWESOME.)

Nick Sharma said...

damn nice!!!

Oscar said...

Hell good!!!

George Bletsis said...

phatsteve - Thank you, I've been trying to learn more about composition lately too ;)

Ericka - :) Long time no see indeed! I was fairly pleased with the water in the end. Thanks for the encouragement.

Jez - That's incredible, I think you've given me a new nightmare hahaha.

Nityanshu - Thanks!

Oscar - Merci beaucoup.